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It used to be common practice for women to share their acquired wisdom, tips and tricks regarding natural well-being with one another. Today’s stressful and fast-paced lives make it increasingly difficult to connect with others outside of our daily routine.

Edencrest is the place to connect with a growing global network of women and healthcare professionals.

We listen to your struggles, experiences, insights and helpful recommendations. You may want to ask a question and find that you are not the only one looking for an answer to it. You may have an answer to one or more questions and want to share what truly helped you.

Apart from the wisdom we all can share by learning from and with each other, it is precious to know of dedicated and outstanding Health Care Professionals as well as excellent natural Health Care Products.

We source high-quality natural products recommended by you that may be difficult to find for other women. If you cannot find something or someone you are looking for, please ask the Network. What none of us can find, we strive to produce ourselves to ensure that we are all provided with everything needed to support our well-being.

This website is for your orientation and to invite you to get in touch with the Edencrest Women’s Network!

Our Facebook page is the platform for women to connect and share their experiences, recommendations, and wisdom with one another. Head over there if you want to get involved!

Trusted healthcare professionals, recommended by the Women’s Network, have been chosen for their outstanding contribution to women’s well-being and invited to provide you with Edencrest products. They are featured in our Stockist Network. Some Edencrest products are available from a few select health shops which you’ll also find here.

Edencrest’s online Shop is for those of us who are too far from a healthcare professional or a health shop providing Edencrest’s products for women’s wellbeing. You can order here and get the goods delivered to your home.

The Edencrest Library is growing continuously, providing you with information about topics relevant to women, about single ingredients of products and anything you’d like us to share. You are welcome to contact us with requests and contributions.

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